Umpire Info


After umpiring for 2 or more seasons with EDNA, umpires may ask to be graded for this Association.

This means they will be required to umpire a Div 1 or Div 2 game on a Monday night (or Junior 1 games on Friday nights summer or Saturdays winter) and be appraised by our senior umpires.

This grading may not be recognised by other Associations.


Red Armband Brigade

EDNA umpires in training wear a Red Armband so that they are easy to recognise. The aim is to reduce the incidence of abuse and harassment directed towards inexperienced umpires while in training and as a result, improve retention rates.

Coaches and their players, parents and spectators are required to be respectful to these umpires while they are in training.



Umpires must report to their Court Supervisor approx 15 minutes prior to their first rostered match starting. They are required to sign on.

Umpires are required to wear all white clothing or white tops (polo shirt, t-shirt) and black bottoms (skirt, shorts, trackpants) suitable to represent the Association. They are also required to wear appropriate sporting footwear for health & safety reasons.

Umpires must supply their own whistle.

Umpires are required to abide by the Child Safe Policy & EDNA Code of Conduct.

Umpire Exams

New Umpires

All new umpires to the Association (including Trainees) are required to have completed the Umpires Exam with a pass of over 70% and give a copy to the Umpires Secretary before commencing with the Association. Umpires are also required to attend Netball SA Beginner Workshop prior to commencement. 


Existing Umpires

A repeat exam is to be completed every 6 years.

Access The Exam

Visit the Netball Australia Umpiring Accreditation page, then follow the steps below:

  • Read through the page
  • Visit My Netball
  • Follow steps to login or create account
  • Once logged in, select Learning > Online Learning
  • Find Rules of Netball Theory Examination
  • Enrol and make payment