Winter 2020 Results

Congratulations to all teams that competed.

Senior Div 1MagicHectorville Red
Senior Div 2RaptorsPAAMA Lava
Senior Div 3GarnetsLoreto
Senior Div 4CometsGarnets
Senior Div 5Comets BlackLoreto
Senior Div 6Loreto BlueLoreto Yellow
Senior Div 7Hectorville GoldComets
Senior Div 8Garnets PinkComets Black
Junior 1Comets BlackComets Orange
Junior 2Comets BlackComets Orange
Junior 3Hectorville WhiteComets Black
Sub-Junior 1Comets OrangeComets Black
Sub-Junior 2Linden Pk WhiteSt Ignatius Blue
Sub-Junior 3LoretoStradbroke Possums
Sub-Junior 4MagillTrinity Gardens Jade
Sub-Junior 5East Marden EaglesStradbroke Kookaburras
Sub-Junior 6St Ignatius RedStradbroke Panthers