Committee Executives & Contacts

Please be advised the Admin Officer is unavailable to take phone calls between 8.30am and 5.00pm due to work commitments.

The preferred method of contact for non-urgent issues is via email - - which will be dealt with within a week.

For urgent issues only, text details with a return phone number and you will be contacted after 5.00pm or you could try contacting Shelley who may be available to help you.

Thank you in anticipation of your co-operation.

Please note: contacts from a parent or coach that are not through a coordinator will not be answered.

Please use your club or school's appropriate channels.


Mrs Shelley Scales
0417 875 650

Admin Officer

Ms Elicia Baldwin
0452 092 810

Finance Officer

Mrs Teresa Norsworthy
0419 824 813

Umpires Secretary

Ms Tina Dimas
0404 387 392

Recorder (Seniors)

Mrs Vanessa Conroy
0413 664 771

Recorder (Age)

Ms Sam McGrath
0422 909 152

Court Supervisors


Friday Night (Summer Season)
Saturday (Winter Season)

LOTHIAN AVENUE, Windsor Gardens

Mrs Teresa Norsworthy
0419 824 813

EMERY ROAD, Campbelltown

Mrs Vanessa Conroy
0413 664 771

BALMORAL RD, Dernancourt

Ms Sandy Hedges
0430 056 916


Monday Night (Summer and Winter Seasons)

EMERY ROAD, Campbelltown

Ms Sandy Hedges
0430 056 916

History of The Association

On the 29th May 1986 Eastern Districts Netball Association applied for Incorporation.

It was formed to encourage and provide a netball competition in the Eastern Districts of Adelaide. It was set up as an Association for the players and all by-laws were voted on by the members. Prior to this, players had to travel outside the area to play. In this regard it hoped to promote more players to enjoy netball in and around the eastern suburbs.

Deane C Palmer the original Administrative Officer was largely responsible for getting the Association up and running. He was supported by Josy Holford as Recorder. The Association started out with no President, however Betty Binning helped out for a short while and then Mrs M Potter was elected at the AGM in July 1980.

The Senior competition commenced on 15 October 1979 and the Age competition on 12 October 1979. There were 16 affiliated Clubs forming 36 Senior teams and 28 Age teams. Matches were played at Emery Road Campbelltown, Phillis Street St Peters and Samuel Avenue Hectorville.

Word spread and the following season, winter 1980 had seen the Association grow to 27 affiliated Clubs. It continues its success today. It is still run by the affilliated members who vote on all by-law changes and the Executives are all volunteers, keeping it affordable for all.