Neville Rodger Memorial Trophy

Presented to the 'Most valuable player' in the Division 1 Grand Final each season.

This trophy is in remembrance of Neville Rodger who ran the Garnets Netball Club, one of the early clubs to play in the Eastern Districts Netball Association. He worked tirelessly for the Association over many years as a Coach, Club Representative, on the Executive as President, Administrative Officer & Umpires Secretary and was a Court Supervisor for many years. He was made a Life Member in 1995. Sadly he passed away in 2011 from Melanoma Cancer.

Summer 2023/24Natalie SakoulasMagic
Winter 2023Ellie McCarronMagic
Summer 2022Tayla NorsworthyGarnets
Winter 2022Tayla NorsworthyGarnets
Summer 2021Tayla NorsworthyGarnets
Winter 2021Paige McGrathRaptors
Summer 2020Courtney HorsnellGarnets
Winter 2020Jamie SchubertMagic
Summer 2019No finals due to COVID-19 
Winter 2019PaigeHectorville
Summer 2018Courtney PriceMagic
Winter 2018Lauren SmithHectorville Blue
Summer 2017Ellie Mason-BryantHectorville Blue
Winter 2017Alyse TaylorMagic
Summer 2016Alyse TaylorMagic
Winter 2016Alyse TaylorMagic
Summer 2015Lauren HillGarnets Pink
Winter 2015Lauren HillGarnets Pink
Summer 2014Natalie SakoulisMagenta Magic
Winter 2014Jessica TeohHectorville Hurricanes
Summer 2013Janelle GriggHectorville Hurricanes
Winter 2013Alyse TaylorMagenta Magic
Summer 2012Karen PatonGarnets
Winter 2012Anita MatesovicBrahma United

Peter Badcock Memorial Trophy

Presented to the 'Most valuable player' in the Junior Div 1 Grand Final each season.

This trophy is in remembrance of Peter Badcock who was President of the Association for 18 years. During this time he was also a senior umpire and mentor to all our umpires in the Association. He had a great love of the game and enjoyed helping the kids where ever and when ever he could. He was made a life member of the Association in 1993. Sadly Peter passed away from cancer in 2016.

Summer 2023/24PLAYER NAMEGarnets
Winter 2023Lacey KernickGarnets
Summer 2022Ella NangleGarnets
Winter 2022Ella NangleGarnets
Summer 2021Madelyn MadrussaniComets Black
Winter 2021Ava BlackebyHectorville Blue
Summer 2020Rachel DaviesGarnets
Winter 2020TaliyaComets Black
Summer 2019No finals due to COVID-19 
Winter 2019JonelaGarnets
Summer 2018Aleysha MooresGarnets
Winter 2018Emily BestHectorville Gold
Summer 2017Tayla NorsworthyGarnets
Winter 2017Tayla NorsworthyGarnets
Summer 2016Shelby NelliganGarnets

Kimberley Hand Perpetual Trophy

Presented to the team which scores the most goals during the minor round of each season.

At first it was an overall trophy but in 2010 a second trophy was donated so that one could be for Seniors & one for the Age competition. This trophy is in remembrance of Kimberly Hand who was a goal shooter for Reds, a team within the Association. Sadly, she passed away from leukaemia at a young age and her team donated this trophy in her name.


Summer 2023/24CometsJunior Div 1411 goals
Winter 2023East Marden RocketsJunior Div 1528 goals
Summer 2022GarnetsJunior Div 1508 goals
Winter 2022GarnetsJunior Div 1576 goals
Summer 2021Comets BlackJunior Div 1446 goals
Winter 2021Hectorville BlueJunior Div 1546 goals
Summer 2020Hectorville RedJunior Div 2373 goals
Winter 2020Comets BlackJunior Div 1365 goals
Summer 2019GarnetsJunior Div 1499 goals
Winter 2019GarnetsJunior Div 1710 goals
Summer 2018GarnetsJunior Div 1517 goals
Winter 2018Hectorville GoldJunior Div 1683 goals
Summer 2017Hectorville GoldJunior Div 1465 goals
Winter 2017Hectorville GoldJunior Div 2621 goals
Summer 2016Hectorville GoldJunior Div 2609 goals
Winter 2016Hectorville BlueJunior Div 2548 goals
Summer 2015Garnets WhiteJunior Div 1426 goals
Winter 2015Garnets WhiteJunior Div 1616 goals
Summer 2014Garnets WhiteJunior Div 1580 goals
Winter 2014Garnets WhiteJunior Div 1646 goals
Summer 2013Campbelltown Comets BlackSub-Junior Div 1535 goals
Winter 2013Campbelltown Comets BlackJunior Div 1524 goals
Summer 2012Campbelltown Comets OrangeSub-Junior Div 1/2521 goals
Winter 2012Campbelltown CometsSub-Junior Div 3394 goals
Summer 2011Campbelltown Comets OrangeJunior Div 2419 goals
Winter 2011Burnside PrimarySub-Junior Div 6540 goals
Summer 2010Campbelltown Comets OrangeSub-Junior Div 2385 goals


Summer 2023/24Seymour Old CollegiansDiv 6494 goals
Winter 2023Hectorville RedDiv 4660 goals
Summer 2022MagicDiv 1708 goals
Winter 2022MagicDiv 1568 goals
Summer 2021WarriorsDiv 5543 goals
Winter 2021HectorvilleDiv 7553 goals
Summer 2020SaintsDiv 2458 goals
Winter 2020Hectorville GoldDiv 7334 goals
Winter 2019Comets BlackDiv 4653 goals
Summer 2018Eastern JettsDiv 5628 goals
Winter 2018Comets OrangeDiv 4607 goals
Summer 2017Comets OrangeDiv 3563 goals
Winter 2017Garnets PinkDiv 6578 goals
Summer 2016MagicDiv 1687 goals
Winter 2016MagicDiv 1663 goals
Summer 2015HectorvilleDiv 4582 goals
Winter 2015HectorvilleDiv 2511 goals
Summer 2014Magenta MagicDiv 1662 goals
Winter 2014Magenta MagicDiv 1658 goals
Summer 2013Campbelltown Comets BlackDiv 6592 goals
Winter 2013Magenta MagicDiv 1576 goals
Summer 2012Hectorville Hurricanes BlueDiv 6535 goals
Winter 2012Brahma UnitedDiv 1577 goals
Summer 2011Garnets WhiteDiv 1590 goals
Winter 2011Hectorville Hurricanes BlueDiv 2505 goals
Summer 2010Garnets WhiteDiv 1565 goals
Winter 2010Garnets WhiteDiv 3484 goals
Summer 2009Garnets WhiteDiv 2537 goals
Winter 2009Liquorice AllsortsDiv 4506 goals
Summer 2008Garnets WhiteDiv 1554 goals
Winter 2008Campbelltown CometsDiv 1619 goals
Summer 2007Garnets WhiteDiv 1493 goals
Winter 2007Garnets WhiteDiv 1575 goals
Summer 2006Garnets WhiteDiv 1463 goals