Summer 2021/22 Timetables

Find out what DIVISION your team has been assigned to below, then use the Timetables list to find your DRAWS for the season.

You'll find what court you are playing on and who your opposition is. The first named team is the home team.

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Grading Details

Common questions received by Court Supervisors

Q What age are these girls? Our girls are too small against them. Our girls are only year 5s and they are year 7s.

A EDNA grades on ability! Not height or age or year level, although there are age restrictions for each Division.

Q Our team has been graded too high, how can they put us in Primary 3 when we played Primary 5 last season.

A Most of the teams from Primary 1 & 2 have gone to Sub-Junior and your team finished in the top half of their division last season so have gone to Primary 3.

Grading Notes

  • In general, all teams move up in the Winter season.
  • Teams are graded on previous seasons results and the information provided by coordinators.
  • Teams are graded on ability.
  • Teams are re-graded after round 5 to improve evenness of the competition.
  • There are over 150 teams to sort into divisions, court-space and playing time. Please let your team play a few games before concluding they are in the wrong division. All results will be looked at during re-grading.

Diary Dates

October 11 – SENIOR Summer Season Starts

October 15 – AGED Summer Season Starts

October 21 – Council Meeting (ALL CLUBS & SCHOOLS TO ATTEND


November 8 – Regrading for Seniors

November 16 – Regrading for Aged

November 25 – Executive Meeting

November 29 – Last game for Seniors before Christmas Break


December 3 – Last game for Aged Competition before Christmas Break


January 27 – Executive Meeting

January 31 – Senior Competition Resumes


February 4 – Aged Competition Resumes

February 24 – Council Meeting (ALL CLUBS & SCHOOLS TO ATTEND)


March 25 – Aged finals series commence

March 28 – Senior finals series commence

March 31 – Executive Meeting


April 8 – Aged Grand Final

April 11 – Senior Grand Final

April 28 – Executive Meeting


May 7 – Aged Winter season Starts

May 9 – Senior Winter season Starts

May 26 – AGM


June 7 – Regrading

June 11/13 – Queens B/day PH No games Jnrs & Snrs

June 30 – Executive Meeting


July 4 – Last game for seniors before school holidays

July 9 – Last game for Aged competition before school holidays

July 28 – Executive Meeting


August 25 – Executive Meeting


September 10 – Aged finals series commence

September 12 – Senior finals series commence

September 24 – Aged Grand Final

September 26 – Senior Grand Final

September 29 – Executive Meeting