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We often hear at Council meetings that it is difficult to get parents to volunteer to coach, score and generally help out with their daughter or son's team or get children to commit to a team. 
I was reading in the paper the other day how we should all consider helping with these duties as an honour rather than a chore as we think of the parents of the children who died on the MH17.  It would be their greatest wish to have this opportunity with their children!

NOTE: Netta Red and Netta Blue Timetables have been revised over the holidays! Please check if you have a team in these divisions.                                             
NOTE: Linden Park has updated its contact phone number to 0419 809 483
Please change in your books.
1.New players should be registered on the first day they play.  Registration cards and numbers are available from your Court Supervisor.

2. It would be very much appreciated if you could list the players on the back of your score cards in alphabetical order of Surname please.

ballNow is a good time to put your Club / School name on all your balls
                   Each Club/School will supply A 'Netball SA' approved ball for each match.
                   (size 4 for Netta and size 5 for all others)

firstaidcasegreenNow is a good time to check your First-Aid kit is stocked up

                   Each Club/School shall provide for its own First-Aid requirements.

NEW INFORMATION: WEARING OF BOLTED JEWELLERY THAT CANNOT BE REMOVED:-Prior to competing in the coming winter season, ALL players must renew their Jewellery waiver forms!
Forms are available on the "FORMS/OTHER" tab.  These forms must be countersigned by your Club Coordinator to agree your jewellery cannot be removed.  So don't leave it until the the night of the first match!   Bolted jewellery that cannot be removed, must be taped.
'No jewellery including taped studs are permitted'
is still the requirement for the All Australian Netball Rules used.
(This means if your child wants her ears pierced it is best to get it done between seasons and NOT during the season.)
EDNA would like to remind all players, spectators and officials that we are committed to providing a safe and positive environment for participation. Aggressive, threatening or other inappropriate behaviour by players, their families, their friends and other sporting personnel while attending a game will not be tolerated.         

We ask you all to abide by the Association's Code of Conduct and help create a positive, respectful atmosphere for players, officials and other spectators.

If you are aware of inappropriate behaviour please feel confident to report it immediately to the Court Supervisor or an EDNA Executive.

Appropriate action  will be taken.  This may be a fine to the Club the person is connected with or calling the Police if required. (as outlined in our by-laws)

Please Note - there are still some coaches that have not produced their Criminal History Assessments!

  • Criminal History Assessments (Police checks) will be required by ALL coaches coaching children under the age of 18 years this season. EDNA are required by law to sight these and keep a record that all coaches hold one. If you do not have one now is the time to start the process. Go to FORMS tab and follow the instructions. This will not cost you anything other than time.  If you already have one through any school system, they will be ok but still have to be sighted and recorded as current.
  • Coaches will be required to sign the back of their own score card this season (not the scorers) to verify the information regarding all players listed is correct.

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